Advanced Subsea to Satellite Network

Renewable Energy Powered, Programmable and Remote Controllable

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Underwater Data Capture and Transmission System

The system includes one or more releasable data buoys (RDB) that are configured to relay acquired subsea data to a surface client. In various configurations, the system includes multiple RDBs coupled to a single primary processing unit (PPU) allowing for multiple sets of sensor/data to be recovered over long-term deployments of the system. Subsea data is collected, stored and then transmitted utilizing satellite technology to any shore base or mobile asset equipped with a transceiver.

Because data may be transmitted at multiple times during the deployment of the system, this intermittent data may be used to validate operations and augment modeling efforts. In addition, near real-time events can be captured with an event notification to clients on a global scale. The system includes a primary processing unit (PPU), one or more releasable data buoys (RDB), one or more sensors, a base, and a tether. The RDBs may initially be contained in a housing. In some embodiments, the PPU and the housing are collocated or adjacent, or spaced apart.


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Sea to Satellite Variable Buoy (STSVB) System

Renewable energy powered, programmable and remote controllable surface buoy system capable of submerging to avoid detection, damage and theft by removing itself from the ocean surface by diving to a safer submerged depth automatically or by command.

The Sea to Satellite Variable Buoy system described herein is designed to lower the risks of damage during weather and environmental events, avoid shipping and fishing activities, avoid vandalism and theft and reduce marine growth by removing the Buoy from harm’s way when it detects any number of preset parameters from various onboard sensors or instructed by onboard software routines. Onboard sensors can include various instruments such as, for example, acoustic hydrophones, wave action sensors, current meters, accelerometers, pressure sensors, magnetometers, and other sensors capable of detecting environmental conditions and approaching vessels, to list only a few possibilities.